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How to quickly establish your 'relationship' with money (4 good tips)

We will be interested in each other for a long time — not only in our personal relationships, but also in the overall growth of our relationships.Our times are such that we can "curb" some of our desires and "attract" money into our lives.By understanding and accepting the rules by which money "comes" to us, we will be able to get rid of financial problems forever and find prosperity.In this article, we will talk about how to establish a "relationship" with your money (so that they "come" to you and not vice versa).4 good tips on how to quickly establish a "relationship" with your money:1) Set yourself a goal.Think about it:what will you spend your entire life doing?What will you do for fun after retirement?In the life of every person, "the right thing to do" is determined by 3 parameters: your age, your income level, and the availability of external resources (including a "passive income" in the form of a pension).Set a goal to complete the transformation of your income into "passive income" by year-to-year.2) Eliminate unnecessary items out of your life.We are talking about money, time, and the "activities" of our lives.Take a piece of paper and write down the 3 most important things that occupy your time:do you feel the burning desire to start earning more money?do you know where you want to go?the road or to another town/city?the size of your upcoming expenses and the speed at which you plan to manage them will determine the size of your "to do" list.3) Start investing right now.The world has changed drastically since the great depression of 1929.It is no longer a joke to invest:Since 2007, the global economy has plunged into a protracted crisis, and the dot-com bubble burst.It is not for nothing that in the depths of the crisis, a person began to "hold the pillow" that he had accumulated an impressive amount of debt.Today, anyone with Internet access and a laptop can become a real investor — provided that they follow simple rules.The best option is to try to "sit out" the current crisis (by purchasing sharply cheaper shares of good companies).In addition, the earlier you are once again, the better.Start investing as early as possible — by regularly buying index funds.4) Profit from the decline in stock prices.This is probably the most important tip.The stock market has long been "overheated", and stock prices are at historical levels highs.Create a trading account and sell shares with an eye to a quick exit.If you are trying to gather as much as you can before the inevitable arrival of the second wave of the crisis, then you will not