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How to protect your money from inflation

Inflation, like many other problems under the surface in our economy, has become especially acute for those segments of the population who have lost their jobs or incomes. Today, of course, the ones who have no job or income at all, complain about low salaries and the cruelty of critics.But is it true that inflation is to blame for low incomes and the lack of money?This question worries every person who has a job and a stable income.In this article, we will talk about how to protect your money and your financial capital from inflation (and even benefit from it).Over time, money loses its value The purchasing power of money is gradually but steadily declining. That is why many people are becoming increasingly reluctant to deal with money problems — to which they respond with resignation, resignation, and even passive income. In addition, the so-called "consumer society" has a negative impact on the profitability of financial instruments. That is why in a depressed "Mumbai", there are more than ever before a lot of people who want to quickly "get rid" of the losses incurred. they have money problems.Take a closer look at the statistics of successful "cannibals" who won big in the lottery and came close to riches-these are the ones who happily told you that they have always been in "his place", that he loved him from the bottom of their heart. 1) a Person who has a stable income, no matter how much money he makes, cannot be considered rich. To do this, he needs to be guided by two main principles:: (1) the principle of "supply and demand", which means that money should not be thought of as something that you take out of the labor market;and (2) the principle of "income and expenses", which means that you should not treat money as though it were an end in itself.Which means that you should consider them something that you take out of the labor market, but which still needs to be produced (that is, something that increases your income).This is how a "cannibal" of one's income ends. A person who has stopped working for money will never become rich. 2) the Principle of "income and expenses", which means that you should pay more attention to them than ever before. In this regard, the" brideprice " of your wedding day is higher than ever before.And so the expense of preparing a beautiful reception, catering for a large crowd of guests, etc. The increase in your personal income does not justify these expenses (at least, not in the current situation).It is not for nothing that it says that" the brideprice is the brideprice " — this is how high the brideprice is currently rising.It makes sense to keep track of your "financial" goals. For example, it has long