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A few thoughts about money (they will make your wallet noticeably thicker)

Seeing how easy it is to earn a lot of money, and having achieved a high income, seems enough to ask oneself: "What now?" Although it is not enough just to sit at home and receive a "gold" salary. We have many more tasks to complete, including special projects, sales, marketing, competitions, etc. A few thoughts about money (which will make your wallet noticeably thicker):1) the One who earns more, believes in himself.Becoming a millionaire is not about luck or luck. magic. Masters of their craft are well aware that luck is just a circumstance that happens in the life of each of us. The main thing is to learn to believe in yourself and in your abilities. To do this, you need to ramp up your self-confidence, improve your skills, and focus on the goals set.2) the Million dollar goal is a powerful ally.It will help you forget about financial problems forever.Maybe the world is on fire, and you are the lucky one-in which the flame does not consume her.3) Real millionaires have no time for banal things. they don't buy things.They don't even buy shoes. The world is in your hands, and the money in your hands, make or break your chances of becoming a millionaire.4) You need to rethink your attitude to finances.You should probably get rid of the " money is evil " and " money is bad " beliefs.If you are used to hoarding money, then you are doing well to take a closer look at your financial life.Values matter. Your family's well — being depends on you, on your work and your daily habits.Values like "family values", "community values", "well-being and prosperity" — these are the ones that make a person a truly rich person.5) to Move to a new level, you need to know where you are going and what you are doing. The higher your income, the more powerful your motivation and motivation is.The ability to get into situations where you have an opportunity to earn more money. This is the secret of financial success.6) Setting ambitious goals, the better off you are.The fact is that income growth (i.e., the increase in your savings) is slower than the fastest growth of your income.The reason for this is that as soon as you start thinking about increasing your income, you begin to carefully plan your upcoming expenses.Because you can't be "financially illiterate". as soon as you can understand where your money is going.7) Invest as much as possible and as much as you can more often.Make a good habit of buying foreign currency, stocks, and other financial instruments every month. This will allow you to gradually build substantial financial capital, the